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5 Steps to LinkedIn Success

Working at LinkedIn™, we heard it often: Why is this site so friggin' confusing? We agree. But as hiring managers, we know LinkedIn is key to the job search. Our online course walks you through everything you need to know. Trust the INsiders.

  1. How to turn your profile into a total recruiter magnet

  2. How to find the right companies, people & roles

  3. How to network & put that network to work for you

  4. How to get a referral that gets you straight in the door

  5. How to use insider info for interview prep & get the job

Average Review: 4.9 Stars

Average Review: 4.9 Stars

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This course is the real deal. Our students, staff and alumni have gotten a ton of value out of their custom online LinkedIn trainings.
— Jenn Bridge, Sr. Director of MBA Career Management | UC Berkeley Haas

Get Your School Current on LinkedIn. Get Students Jobs.

Turn your students, staff & alumni into LinkedIn gurus!

Our on-demand course will get your entire institution up to speed on the critical-yet-untapped resource that is LinkedIn.

No overpriced speakers or outdated content here. Just inexpensive & instant access to the most up-to-date & advanced know-how from actual experts (who also both have MBAs). Co-designed with UC Berkeley's MBA program.

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Meet The LinkedIn Guys!

Jeremy Schifeling and Omar Garriott are tech product marketers who led LinkedIn's outreach to colleges, students & alumni for several years -- helping millions of people launch & grow their careers on the world's largest professional network.

Now we help job seekers of all ages do the same. Because finding a great job requires LinkedIn. We got your back.

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Everything in this course is crystal clear and actionable. Since I completed it, I added 70 new connections, got a 200% increase in profile views, and was even contacted directly by a recruiter in my industry. The perfect role at my dream company awaits!
— Brandon Sutter, Operations Manager